Swinburne University

swinIf you are a student of Swinburne University, you are entitled to a variety of heavily discounted trips, thanks to a subsidy offered by Swinburne Student Life (SSL). To sign up for any of the trips below, head to the sign up page, here:




The trips we will have on offer for this Semester are:

24th March – Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary/Yarra Valley Winery & Chocolate Factory

31st March – Torquay Surf Trip

14th April – Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs (Saturday afternoon/evening)

21st April – Great Ocean Road (12 Apostles) Trip

3rd May – Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs (Thursday afternoon/evening)

12th May – Phillip Island Trip


Just to be clear, there are two Hot Springs trips running this Semester. One is on a Saturday night, and one is on a Thursday night. Thursday is slightly cheaper, but Saturday is an option for those who can’t take off a Thursday. If you want any more information on the trips, head to the ‘OUR TRIPS’ section of the website and have a read of what we get up to on each trip.







Tweets from @real_aus

  • Join us on our Healesville trip to learn how to throw a boomerang. Or, how to boomerang a boomerang... Also,... fb.me/7XaqgXAjl
  • Thanks @samgpics for this snap - 29th July is our first Healesville trip for the Semester with Victoria... fb.me/2o0o36VxL
  • How good are silhouette photos!? The 12 Apostles are an awesome location for a photo any time of the day!... fb.me/ueDoxkiL
  • The Great Ocean Road is home to many cool things, just like this awesome lighthouse in Airey's Inlet... fb.me/6iiaobhbi
  • Great snap of the beautiful Hot Springs on the Mornington Peninsula by @tck_ful - can't wait to hang out with all... fb.me/6cInWgV9c