• Real Aussie Experience #22

    Listen to the waves crash at your favourite spot

  • Real Aussie Experience #11


  • Real Aussie Experience #19

    Grab your mates and head down to the beach

  • Real Aussie Experience #52

    Find a new place to watch the sunset

  • Real Aussie Experience #38

    Catch a wave at the world’s best beaches

  • Real Aussie Experience #53

    Roast some marshmallows in a campfire

  • Real Aussie Experience #31

    Go out for Coffee and Discover a new cafe

  • Real Aussie Experience #8

    Go for a hike and take in the spectacular views

  • Melbourne

    Whether you’re in Melbourne or Sydney, you now live in one of the most exciting cities in the world and we wanna make sure you get the most out of it while you’re here.


I don’t have a bank card. How can I pay for a REAL trip?

The easiest way for you to ensure your seat, is to borrow a friend’s credit card and pay that way. If you are really stuck then contact us and we can arrange a cash payment.


What is a CVV number?

This is the 3-4 digit number issued by your bank on the back of the card. It is usually located on the signature strip on the back.


I have a friend who doesn’t go to my University but wants to attend a REAL trip with me. Can they come?

Of course, any friend of yours is a friend of ours.


I have special dietary requirements. Will I be able to eat the REAL food?

You can select your dietary requirements during the registration process, but if they are more complicated simply contact us and we’ll make sure everything is ok for you.


I have some friends who want to go on a trip together. Can REAL help us with this?

We sure can! Contact us and we can either put a trip together especially for you and your friends, or just give you some travel advice about our country.


REAL doesn’t seem to operate at my University, I think we’re missing out.

Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.


Does REAL have a risk management policy?

We sure do. Your safety is our number one priority and all our staff are well trained to make your trip as safe as possible. If you want to know more about how safe your trip is, then please contact us.


What’s included in a REAL trip?

Usually everything is included, transport, food, afternoon snack etc, but look at the specific page for each trip to be sure.


I don’t have a receipt for my trip, do I need a ticket?

When you register you will receive an email to confirm your booking, but there is no need for tickets – just come along.


I have a question that isn’t listed above.

Contact us any time and we’d love to chat about anything.


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