• Real Aussie Experience #22

    Listen to the waves crash at your favourite spot

  • Real Aussie Experience #11


  • Real Aussie Experience #19

    Grab your mates and head down to the beach

  • Real Aussie Experience #52

    Find a new place to watch the sunset

  • Real Aussie Experience #38

    Catch a wave at the world’s best beaches

  • Real Aussie Experience #53

    Roast some marshmallows in a campfire

  • Real Aussie Experience #31

    Go out for Coffee and Discover a new cafe

  • Real Aussie Experience #8

    Go for a hike and take in the spectacular views

  • Melbourne

    Whether you’re in Melbourne or Sydney, you now live in one of the most exciting cities in the world and we wanna make sure you get the most out of it while you’re here.


Holly |  Victoria University

Holly | Victoria University

“The trips with REAL Australia were some of my favorite and most talked about memories during my time in Australia. Not only did we get to visit very cool, surreal and beautiful Australian landscapes, but we also got to pretend to be locals for a day.

Whether it was eating at the coolest little restaurants, traveling to places only Australians know about, or just hanging out with our cool Aussie tour guides, REAL Australia really gave an authentic Australian experience. I would rate them 11 out of 10!”

Stefania (USA) | Monash University

Stefania (USA) | Monash University

I would rate this experience a 100/10!

I liked how I did not feel like a tourist at all! The REAL experience team definitely knew how to make it REAL! The locations and the views were breathtaking.

I would for sure recommend The Real Experience tours for an unforgettable experience. Make sure you bring alone go-pros/cameras to get some gorgeous footage (and no I’m not talking about the staff )”

Hannah | Victoria University

Hannah | Victoria University

“The trips I took with Real Australia were some of the major highlights of my short time in Melbourne. The staff took great care of us with excellent transport, food (they always made sure they had veggie options for me!), and awesome information about Melbourne.

I made lifelong friends on these trips! I highly recommend Real as a company to any study abroad student, it really is great value for money!”

Justine | Monash University

Justine | Monash University

“The REAL experience played a huge part in my study abroad adventure in Melbourne. It helped me get to local treasures that I had no clue about and gave me experiences only locals knew about.

The best part was it helped me meet so many other international students at my new school. In all 4 of the trips I did with REAL, I always felt like I was hanging out with friends rather than on a strict tour.

If you don’t spend time with REAL while you’re in Melbourne, you’re doing it wrong!

Wiebke | Victoria University

Wiebke | Victoria University

“I really enjoyed my trips with Real Australia. It is a perfect way to explore Victoria and everything this wonderful area has to offer. The trips were always well organized and the buses were comfortable. The staff are well informed about the destination and super friendly. We all had a blast. The tours are always a good deal and you are well looked after. I would rate Real Experience 10 out of 10!

Definitely recommend the Phillip Island trip, my favourite one. You get to know so many other International students and can explore the land down under! Miss it already!


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