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la_trobe_logoAs a new student of La Trobe University, you are now welcome to join us as we take you around to some of the world’s most iconic tourist destinations. We guarantee giving you a true representation of what Aussie life is really like. Australian animals along with some of the most popular beaches in the world are just a few things to look forward to. Signing up for the following trips will give you the opportunity to tick a few things off your bucket list. Sign up quickly as we have limited spaces available on each trip!

Unfortunately, our Great Ocean Road trip is full! If you missed out on getting a place, please us directly at and ask to be put on the waiting list, in case someone else pulls out.

Also, keep an eye out for our next trip to Phillip Island which we will be promoting this week. It’s always a REALLY popular trip, so if you missed out on the G.O.R, sign up for this one ASAP as there are also limited spots available.

Nature at its best! The majestic Great Ocean Road – miles of eroded coastline that gets hit so hard by waves and wind that it breaks off into the ocean, leaving mysterious shapes. Walk a few hundred metres inland and we’ll see the dense rainforest lining the sheer cliffs, a dangerous environment that early european settlers struggled to steer their ships through.

REAL takes you on either a huge day trip, or a relaxing weekend trip all the way down the Great Ocean Road. We’ll be checking out the remarkable coastline with many beach, waterfall and other stops along the way! Then, it’s off to Apollo Bay (spotting koalas in their natural eucalyptus habitat on the way), before finally making the trek down to the 12 Apostles.

Our local Aussie staff will be there all the way to make sure you have a best experience possible, organizing all-Australian games and activities. Get on board !

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This action-packed weekend (Sat/Sun) will provide you with one of the most memorable experiences you will have while in Australia!

We will watch as hundreds of Little Penguins return to their nests after sunset in groups, making their way up the beach. We will get within 50cm of these amazing sea birds as they return from feeding and catching pilchards, octopus and shrimp in the Antarctic Ocean, some taking them home to feed their family.

Our friendly Aussie staff will guide you along the beautiful Cape Woolamai, The Nobbies, San Remo and the wonderful Maru Wildlife Park, while soaking up the late summer sun and ensuring you get the REAL experience of Aussie life on the island!

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